Romain Beltrão Teule
World Premiere
Romain Beltrão Teule
November 6th and 7th


Dobra is a conference starting by the dissection of a word: Dobrar. Dobrar is a Portuguese word that can be translated in English as «to dub», «to fold».

Doubling someone’s voice (in a movie, in a series, in an interview).

Double an actress, an actor (by substituting their presence by their stand-in).

Folding a folding table (or any foldable object).

Folding a sheet of paper several times until you get a mini sculpture, an origami.

And there is my double, my doppelgänger, a person in the world like me.


Dobra is a conference in which the performer begins by telling the story of a trip where he had the feeling of being pursued by his evil double, his doppelgänger when he was watching French films dubbed to Japanese and falling in love with an unemployed furniture designer who made a living working in action movies as a stand-in for a famous actor.

And the lecturer duplicates themself. The words are duplicated. What has been told turns into dance, the stories are translated into gestures in space.


Romain Beltrão Teule was born in Paris, from a Brazilian mother and a French father. Since he was a child he has spoken Portuguese and French. Romain graduated in Design and Art from the Fine Arts schools of Toulouse and Nantes.

In 2013 he moves to Lisbon and enrolles in PEPCC, at Forum Dança. He falls in love with a British man and learns English. Then, Romain took oral expression and languages as a field of research and creates the piece “Elisabeth”, a performance in French, Portuguese, and English.

In 2016, eager to dive into an unknown language, he spends some time in Japan and gathers a collection of sounds with which he creates the piece “Légende”, a lecture that deals with fictional research on the language of birds. “Légende” is presented at the “Be Festival 2017” in Birmingham and takes part in the broadcast “Best of Be Festival UK 2018”.

Romain also writes the duo performances. “Le Vertige” with Lucie Lintanf and “Previsão do Tempo” with Daniel Pizamiglio.

Tecnhical Sheet

Creation and performance
Romain Beltrão Teule

Light, sound, space
Santiago Rodriguez Tricot

Artistic tutor
Miguel Pereira

Le Vertige

Linha de Fuga

Artistic residency support
RAMDAM, un centre d’art (Sainte-Foy-lès-lyons, FR)
Forum Dança (Lisbon, PT)
Honolulu (Nantes, FR)
L’échangeur CDCN (Château Thierry, FR)
Linha de Fuga (Coimbra, PT)
L’Armorica (Plouguerneau, FR)

Creation support
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
GDA Foundation
Mala Voadora
DRAC Bretagne
Temps d’Images Festival (Lisbon)