Luis Marrafa
12nd and 13rd May


A solo performance by a man that unfolds momentarily, giving rise to two characters with independent lines of dialogue and accompanied by utopian visions. Luis Marrafa’s interpretation gives rise to deep and abstract images of a devastated individual with the exact same age as his father when he died. Deliberately marked by scenic and choreographic strangeness, the piece unpacks metaphysical thinking in which various questions arise about existence, the absurdity of life and the presence of death.


Tive o privilégio único e a alegria profunda de testemunhar o nascimento de Ghost, um solo de Luis Marrafa. Memórias da morte do seu pai foram o ponto de partida para a peça, mas o resultado foi muito superior ao que teria sido se contasse ou mostrasse um caso pessoal.

Ghost toca em sentimentos que nos lixam a cabeça. É o que um corpo humano, junto com a música de Bach, é às vezes capaz de fazer: expressar esses sentimentos que não conseguimos descrever com palavras e, por isso, o corpo começa a mover-se.

Ao longo desta viagem perguntei-me se o seu pai estaria lá, entre nós…de verdade?
Ou será que os filhos se estão a transformar nos seus pais?

Alain Platel


He was born and lived until he was 9 years old in Schüttorf in Germany, moved to Évora and then to Lisbon, passed through London and now lives and works in Brussels since 2009.

Luis Marrafa, graduated from the Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon. In Brussels he is the artistic director of the dance company Marrafa company and of Brussels where he also works as artistic curator. He creates and produces his own works as choreographer, performer and sound composer, being intuitively inspired by his experience and the multicultural environment around him.

Luis has been invited by several dance schools and professional companies as choreographer and dance teacher. Some of the pieces he has created: Efeméride, Functio, Hodierno, Anpassung, Soma, Marvel, Duplo, Folclore, Proxemics, Unstable, Transistor… And highlights, HOME – Selection Aerowaves twenty company in London 2016; ABSTAND – Nominated for the best choreography by the Authors Award SPA Lisbon 2014; Untitled – Best performance at the International InShadow Festival, Lisbon 2012; Coffee Loop – Nominated for One Film Festival in Gent, BE 2011; IIB – Selection for The Place dance school film in London, UK 2008 and Best dance video at the International Dance Festival, Almada 2009.

Through the invitation of the National Ballet from Portugal, the dance piece Snow will premiere on the 24th of September, 2021 in Lisbon. The Festival Temps D’images in Lisbon will present on the 12th and 13th of May 2021 the solo called Ghost, with the special attention of Alain Platel as artistic advisor.


He has collaborated with artists such as: Alain Platel, Rui Horta, Luis Guerra, Karine Ponties, António Cabrita, Tânia Carvalho, Luis Guerra, Satya Roosens, among others.

Technical Sheet

Luís Mafarra

Artistic advisor
Alain Platel

Catarina Morla
Luis Marrafa

J.S. Bach by David Fray with The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
Ein Choralbuch für J.S. Bach by Stuttgart Gachinger Kantorei

Original music
Luís Marrafa

Light designer
Zeca Iglésias

Drone operator
Petra Van Gompel

Photography and editing
Luís Marrafa

Alain Platel
Petra Van Gompel
Bruno Marchand

Marrafa Dance Company

les ballets C de la B
Temps D’Images