19ª Edition

Everything Changes.
Does Everything Change?

Recently, there is talk of a time which is paradoxical, contradictory, confusing, exasperatedly slow and at the same time quick. A time which alternately stretches and disappears, escapes to who knows where.

What happens “live” was relegated to the individual, domestic, virtual sphere. That which can be shared requires intermediaries who impose themselves, the substitute became even more inevitable, spread in either a surreptitious manner, or an unprecedented violence.

The TdI, a festival focused on the possibilities of artistic creation within a determined shared space and time, wants to continue to exist, but does not want to be pressured. It wants to adapt to the solutions, problems, goals and actions of the artists who invent it, always questioning.

With the creators and their teams, and our spatial and financial partners, we went through sucessive plans and reformulations, and it seems that, in addition to the results of this effort, we got lucky, we are going to succeed in taking these pieces to the public that wishes to find them, and “in person”, a valuable thing these days.

After all, in this edition the program takes place at two distinct moments. We are presenting seven pieces now, world or city premieres, and in October and November we return with another seven. The feeling of collaborating and enabling this – which we prefer in the end – has gotten better.

We succeeded, succeed in participating and facilitating this coming together within the domains of theater, dance, performance and installation. We are walking a tightrope between resistance and resilience, in the direction of the opportunity to meet, in person, that which we are now proposing to you.

Does everything change?
Everything changes.

Ficha Técnica

António Câmara Manuel

Direcção Artística
Mariana Brandão

Direcção de Produção e Comunicação
Ana Calheiros

Coordenação Técnica
Mafalda Oliveira

Assessoria de Imprensa

Isabel Carvalho

Equipa Técnica
Jorge das Neves
Pedro Machado
Vitor Santos

Francisca Alves

Design Gráfico e Website
CATO Atelier

Registo Fotográfico
Alípio Padilha

Redes Sociais
Rafael Tolentino da Silva

DuplaCena & Horta Seca

Projecto iniciado por António Câmara Manuel e Irit Batsry