Temps d'Images 2019


TdI, as it nears its legal age, welcomes you to this edition. 

As this is its 17th edition, we did not conceptualize it as “just another one”, but rather as a renewed opportunity to introduce a series of pieces, works, happenings and objects which bear witness to the diversity and vitality of the national artistic panorama given that, faced with the circumstances, we have, for now, taken that scale on. 

Guiding ourselves to program, above all, works and not artists, and much less ideas or concepts, we had the possibility of building a proposal for a diverse artistic program in aesthetic, generational, typological and deep-rooted terms, and that´s a good thing. 

Thank you to all the artists who presented us with their work, and opened the doors to their studios, intentions, procedures, methodologies and doubts.

It is they who constantly remind us of the importance of taking risks and creating space for a certain and peculiar type of knowledge, which frequently arises from the desire to experiment rather than recognize.

Thanks also to all our partners, who support us and allow us to insist on searching for the best spaces in which to install the works we wish to treat, with the added advantage of making us move, discover new places, people, relationships and possibilities.

Thank you to the public who invests and invests itself in the common experience of testing, questioning, valuing and reconsidering old and new possibilities for articulation between live art and the image, in the most inclusive sense possible, avoiding the ambiguity which would annul that/those meaning(s).

See you soon.

Technical Specs

António Câmara Manuel

Artistic Director
Mariana Brandão

Directors of LOOPS.LISBOA
Irit Batsry
Alisson Avila

Production Manager
Ana Sofia Nunes

Production Assistant
Rita Branco

Technical Coordinator
Mafalda Oliveira

Wake Up!

Diana Freire
Elsa Vieira

Graphic Design and Website
CATO Atelier

Alípio Padilha

Patrícia Monteiro

Produced by
Horta Seca