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TDNDII _ SALA ESTÚDIO // 28 NOV _ 21h30 + 29 NOV _ 16h30
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Cassandra, daughter of Priam and Hecuba, ancient kings of a war-ravaged Troy, is taken prisoner. Endowed with the ability to predict the future - she knows that she will die. However, in The Heroes’ Pit, the prophetess looks back to the past, reversing what was to be expected.
One of the few survivors of the conflict, she avails herself to an exercise of memory and a reflection on the atrocities of war. Witness to human intelligence that constantly fails to recognize the repetition of error, her figure becomes the symbol, par excellence, of a woman annihilated in a scenario of war and an antagonist of the traditional hero.
This show is a free interpretation of Christa Wolf's Cassandra, 1983, a text that offers a feminine vision of war. In a back and forth between Cassandra and Aeneas, Ágata Pinho and João Pedro Mamede propose, on stage, a reinterpretation of the tragedy.

Photo: Mickael de Oliveira


  From: Cassandra by Christa Wolf | Direction and dramaturgy: Ágata Pinho | Interpretation: Ágata Pinho and João Pedro Mamede | Interpretation (video): Monica Calle, Solange Freitas, Paula Garcia and Isabel Costa | Video: Joana Linda | Light Design: André Calado | Original Music and Sound Design: Diana Combo and Los Niños Muertos (Andrew Tasso and Bruno Humberto) | Costumes: Anthony Mv | Support for dramaturgy: Mickael de Oliveira | Support for Scenography: Ricardo Vaz Trindade | Production assistance: Marta Félix | Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - Support for creation; Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon Film Commission); D. Maria II National Theatre / Temps d'Images (The Place to Look); Galeria Zé dos Bois – O Negócio; Largo Largo Residências | Thanks: Ceci F., Jorge Bragada
Duration: 75 minutes // Age Rating: m / 16