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sharon lockhart

Los Angeles-based artist Sharon Lockhart’s newest film and photographic project, a installation of photographs and feature-length16mm film loops, looks at the youth of Pine Flat, a rural community in California. Lockhart is internationally recognized for her films and photographs that frame the quiet moments of everyday life while exploring the subtle relationships between the two mediums. Pine Flat was shot over the course of three years in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California and is the artist’s first project to center on a community in the United States. By slowly immersing herself in the life of the town, relinquishing a professional film crew, and operating the camera herself, she created an exceptionally intimate view of contemporary rural life that focuses on the interactions of the community’s children who engage in everyday activities in stunningly beautiful natural landscapes. In Pine Flat, she creates a space of mutual encounters between the artist and the children that illuminates the dynamics of personal exchange.
The gallery installation embraces the various ways that time-based work can be experienced in this setting. The film, divided into the 12 segments that comprise it, will be shown as individual loops in darkened viewing rooms, thus allowing the viewer to experience the film differently than they would in a theater and to perceive each segment with the close attention normally reserved for static works like paintings.
Also on view will be 20 photographic portraits of the children from the series Pine Flat Portrait Studio shot in a makeshift studio set up in a barn in the center of town.