23 SEP > 4 OCT
olga mesa

The Spanish choreographer and visual artist Olga Mesa presents for the first time in Portugal Suite au Dernier Mot, a visual and choreographic poem, while autobiographical and documentary, which explores the notions of territory, look, memory and emotion.

In this "soil together," the artist reveals herself as both subject and object of its creation, placing the body in a territory of functions and applications that calls "coreograma". Olga Mesa, which in this study with the collaboration of his longtime accomplice, the visual artist Daniel Miracle, explores the virtual space and real space between the body and its observation in a piecemeal approach in the creation process of moving from the look that originates and its perception by the viewer.

Choreography and interpretation Olga Mesa
Creating sound and audiovisual Daniel Miracle
Artistic collaboration Marc Hwang
Music - Mixing Daniel Miracle, "Me estoy enamorando de ti" by Orquestra Cubana de Armando Orefiche
Production Company Olga Mesa
Co-production Centre National de la Danse (CND) - Paris, Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini - Valenciennes, El Ojo de la Faraona - Canary Islands, Consejería de las Artes - Communidad de Madrid
Collaboration Théâtre de la Ville - Paris
Supporting L'Association pour la Danse Contemporaine (ADC) and Théâtre de l'Usine - Geneva