25 SEP > 5 OCT
rodrigo garcia
Created on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Rodrigo Garcia was headed to the butcher's work, like his father. Leaves, however, Argentina and goes to work in the advertising world in Madrid. In 1989 founded his own company, La CARNICERIA TEATRO. In post-Franco Spain he sows confusion and in his writing reveals the visual arts and video, representing a society limited to its fruition.
Enshrined in the Festival d'Avignon with "After Sun" and "Je crois que vous compris m'avez evil," became the most represented foreign author in France.
His objects focus on the West bulimic governed by the laziness of consumerist behavior and the sway of the family.
In this show, the clown Ronald, symbol of fast food and globalization, burns books and make fun about the society's apathy towards their abuse.
With a look and a wry smile, Ronald is the figurehead of a world organized around the intake and disposal of excess.
Text published by LES Solitaires INTEMPESTIFS
a proposal of Rodrigo Garcia
developed with the performers Ruben Ametllié, Juan Loriente and Juan Navarro
collaborate every night Nieves, Candela, Yago e a Banda Filarmónica de Montemor-o-Velho
lighting Carlos Marquerie
music Juan Navarro (Panasonic)
clothing Mireia Andreu e Jaume Martinez (mecanica.com)
design projections Rámon Diago (maelstom.com)
video Rodrigo Garcia
assembly Susana Paiva and Javier Marquerie
props Catarina Oliveira
photo Pedro Medeiros
translation of texts for Portuguese Tiago Rodrigues
co-production Citemor - Festival de Montemor-o-Velho e La Carniceria Teatro
support INAEM and Consejería de las Artes de la Comunidad de Madrid