Stand Still You Ever-Moving Spheres of Heaven

Chiara Taviani & Henrique Furtado


  • Chiara Taviani
  • Henrique Furtado
  • 16 e 17th of November
  • 9.30 pm
  • 50’ (aprox.)
  • M/6


Two figures lecture and complain, using wreckage and reminiscences of the English language, which supersede their meanings, but sublimate the musicality of the phenomes being used. The emphasis is on the rhetoric, the rhythm, the diction and the pronunciation of certain discursive texts in order to edify a Dadaist chatter.
They use their hands to connect, dialogue, create meanings: they are hand-objects, hand-masks, hand-prosthetics that awaken and sculpt the imagination in their path. The languidity and delicacy of these pantomime gestures instigate the appearance of the fantastic.
Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven unfolds a long roll of white linoleum, minimalist microcosm of the imagination in movement. Visual and sonic poem with surrealist eruptions, the piece brings into play the possibilities of the imagination.

Technical Specifications

Conception, interpretation, costumes and make-up
Chiara Taviani
Henrique Furtado P. Vieira

Lighting design
Eduardo Abdala

Dramaturgical support
Céline Cartillier
Antonio Ianniello

Odissi dance transmission
Livia Porzio

Vocal support
Francisco Brazão

Textual support
Miguel Loureiro

Administration and production
Vera Nunes
Aline Berthou
UOT Organizzazione Teatrale

With the kind participation of
Vera Mantero

Espaço do Tempo (PT)
ACASA Scenario Pubblico (IT)
Teatro Municipal do Porto (PT)
Temps d’Images/DuplaCena (PT)

Fundação GDA (PT)

Internationalization support
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT)

Residency support
Estúdios Victor Cordón (PT)
Devir Capa (PT)
Companhia Olga Roriz (PT)
EKA Palace (PT)
La Liseuse (FR)
Entrepont (FR)

Thanks to
Montaine Chevalier
Blanca Tolsá Rovira
Camilla Montesi
Luís Rosário
Inês Cartaxo
Hugo Coelho
Pia Krämer – ongoing

Chiara Taviani

Chiara Taviani /// Choreographer, performer, makeup and costumes.
Studied at Académie Princesse Grace de Monaco (Fr) and at Spid Academy of Milan (It), and trains at Coline in Istres where she works with various choreographers such as: Emmanuel Gat, Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer, Mathilde Monnier, Georges Appaix, Thierry Thieu Niang, Salia Sania and Seydou Boro, Lisi Estaràs of Ballets C de la B...She then becomes a performer with several Italian companies, including the Balletto Civile de Michela Lucenti. In 2011, she founds the company 'C&C', in collaboration with Carlo Massari. Thus far, they have created several plays: Maria Addolorata, 012, Corpo e Cultura and Tristissimo. In 2014-2015 she attends the research and creation program Prototype II at the Royaumont abbey. She currently collaborates with Henrique Furtado (Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven), Alexandra Grimal (La vapeur au-dessus du riz) and Marion Alzieu (Total). She also recently created the solo PeurBleue, touring in Italy.

Henrique Furtado Vieira

Henrique Furtado Vieira /// choreographer, performer, makeup and costumes.
Energy and Environmental Engineer and dancer, Henrique did his artistic training at various European institutions (INSA de Lyon, Extensions – CDC de Toulouse, Prototype II and Dialogues III – Abadia de Royaumont). He collaborates and performs on projects by Bleuène Madelaine, Eric Languet, Aurélien Richard, Céline Cartillier, Tino Sehgal and Vera Mantero. In addition, he has been affected by meetings with various artists such as Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron, among others. He collaborates with Aloun Marchal (Bibi Ha Bibi) and Chiara Taviani (Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven) in creating shows in which the styles and genres overlap, and in which the vocal presence is highlighted.
Stand Still You Ever-Moving Spheres of Heaven
Chiara Taviani & Henrique Furtado
9.30 pm, CAL
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€
Stand Still You Ever-Moving Spheres of Heaven
Chiara Taviani & Henrique Furtado
9.30 pm, CAL
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€