Carolina Campos & Márcia Lança


  • Carolina Campos
  • Márcia Lança
  • 23rd and 24th of November
  • 9.30 pm
  • 60’
  • M/8


Our point of departure is the universe of old images, abandoned in fairs, forgotten, left behind. We grab this fragment of the world, in order to displace it in time, resignify it, give it a meaning removed from its origins, making it explode in different directions and senses. We understand these images as fictions that contain realities, and not the reverse, we construct a work space where the truth and the lie touch each other and one is mistaken for the other, where we accept the idea that any life is built on invented narratives and that the future of an image also serves to rewrite its past. To look at the life of these images from this perspective led us to construct invented biographies, reconstruct facts, create fiction going beyond the limits between what is ours what belongs to others. This work proposes an exercise in imagining that our memory and our forgetting, those absolutely indispensable elements for us to become singular, can exist in any body, in any life, in any other.

Technical Specifications

Concept and performance
Márcia Lança
Carolina Campos

Dramaturgical assistance
João Fiadeiro

Lighting design for the opening
Tasso Adamopoulos

Lighting design
Gonçalo Alegria


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Atelier Real
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Carolina Campos

Carolina is Brazilian and currently lives in Lisbon. She has a Bachelor in Communication and a Post-graduate degree in Photography. She began working with dance in 1998 at the Caxias do Sul Municipal Co., in Rio Grande do Sul, and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2007, where she was a ballerina at the Lia Rodrigues Dance Co. until 2011. She is especially interested in being involved with different modes of collaboration and in understanding how these processes influence artistic objects. In this sense, she has collaborated and developes experiences with national and foreign artists, of which, she highlights Márcia Lança (PT), with whom she shares the creation of NOME, and Coletivo Qualquer (SP/BR), with whom she shares the creation of PRAIA. Her pieces have been shown in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Argentina. She works with artists such as Vera Mantero (PT), Sónia Baptista (PT), Calixto Neto (BR/FR) and Ivan Haidar (AR) as a performer and dramaturgical and rehearsal assistant. Since 2012, she has been collaborating intensely with João Fiadeiro (PT) in training and research based on Composition in Real Time for choreography. With him, she co-directed his two latest creations, O QUE FAZER DAQUI PARA TRÁS and FROM AFAR IT WAS AN ISLAND.

Márcia Lança

MÁRCIA LANÇA, Beja, 1982. In 2008, she founds VAGAR – Cultural Association, of which she is the artistic director. In May of 2017 she opens her most recent co-creation, NOME, with Carolina Campos at Negócio|ZDB, which was also shown at Mala Voadora in Porto. In March of 2016, she opens her first piece for children, Por esse Mundo Fora, a co-creation with Nuno Lucas, at Teatro Municipal Maria Matos in Lisbon. On the 15th of May, 2014, Evidências Suficientes para a Não Coerência do Mundo opens at Negócio and directs the show Happiness and Misery at the Riga National Theater, which opens on the 8th of October of the same year. In 2013 9 Possible Portraits, a project which was developedon the street inside of a shipping container, opens at the SpielArt Festival in Munich. In 2012, she develops Mecânica, an artistic research project, with João Calixto, resulting in two shows: Mecânica 1 and Mecânica 2. In November of 2011, she opens O Desejo Ignorante, with Aniol Busquets and Tiago Hespanha, at the Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, within the context of the Temps d’Images Festival. Trompe le Monde, her third creation together with Nuno Lucas, opens at Culturgest in January of 2011. In May of 2009, her second creation, Morning Sun opens at Tempo – Teatro Municipal of Portimão. Morning Sun is sown in Italy, France and Portugal. In the same year, she performs and is the co-creator of West Coast, directed by Ruben Soares (TRUTA), which opens in Lagoa and is reprised at CCB in Lisbon. In 2006, she receives the first prize at Programa Jovens Artistas with her solo Dos joelhos para baixo. This solo was shown in Italy, France, Portugal and Tunisia. She highlights her work as performer and collaborator with the choreographers João Fiadeiro (with the project Existência, Para onde vai a luz quando se apaga? and O que fazer daqui para trás) and Cláudia Dias (co-creator of 3 Figuras do Excesso, with her collaboration on Visita Guiada and performance in Das coisas nascem coisas). In 2005/06, she collaborated with Olga Mesa on Pôle Sud in Strasbourg. She was also a dramaturgy assistant on the solo “UM SÓ” by Karenina de los Santos, which opened at the Alkantara Festival in May of 2010. She works regularly with the artist Marta Dell’Angelo in cities such as Milan, Bologna and Lisbon. In 2002, she performs and creates, in collaboration with Ana Fernandes and Ana Rita Teodoro, the trio Uma saia para três mulheres in the context of the 50-year commemoration of the Júlio de Matos Hospital (Pavillion 21C). She begins her training at Artes do Espectáculo at Chapitô (1999/02). From her dance training, she highlights ex.e.r.ce 05 at the CCN in Montpellier, the basic course in the Analysis of Movement, from IAM (2004), the Contemporary Dance and Movement Research SNDO in Amsterdam (2003), Curso de Pesquisa e Criação Coreográfica at Fórum-Dança (2002) and her ongoing training at C.E.M. (2001/04). Of her training in dance and performance she highlights Xavier le Roy, Thierry Bae, Sofia Neuparth, Vera Mantero, Francisco Camacho, Loic Touzé, Joan Casellas, Emmanuelle Huynh, among others. She studied Voice at the Baixo Alentejo Regional Conservatory (1998/99) and developed vocal composition with Francisco D’Orey, Catherine Rey, Meredith Monk and Lúcia Lemos. In 2012, she participates in the European projects: TryAngle Marseille – Performing Arts Research Laboratories and Global City - Local City organized by the network Theatre / Festivals in Transition (FIT).
Carolina Campos & Márcia Lança
9.30 pm, CAL
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€
Carolina Campos & Márcia Lança
9.30 pm, CAL
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€