MB#6 (2008 e 2018)

Miguel Bonneville


  • Miguel Bonneville
  • MB#6 (2008)
  • 3rd of November
  • 9.30 pm
  • MB#6 (2018)
  • 4th of November
  • 6.30 pm
  • MB#6 (2008): 80’ (aprox.)
    MB#6 (2018): 90’ (aprox.)
  • M/6


MB#6 is an autobiographical narration experience. Bonneville works on his personal history as a moment of profound existential meeting between several identities. He invites some women who are a part of his life to speak about themselves, about their experiences related to being women, adults, artists, in the form of video portraits. However, each one of their stories are returned to us through the performer, in a live dub, which unites the different stories through the same voice and melds them together, turning them into a part of a unique grand portrait that describes a new identity.
Autobiographies by women have always been, throughout history, seen as incomplete, discontinuous, incoherent, fragmented or private. Bonneville also sees his work this way, any autobiography will always be incomplete, and will be in continuous transformation and regeneration.
For this reason, he has decided to revisit the show, 10 years later, interview the same women again, as well as others that have influenced his journey, in order to continue to reflect on what it means to be a woman today, become a woman today, above all when the feminisms questions of gender and sexuality have acquired more prominence in the public and political spheres.

Technical Specifications

Director and actor
Miguel Bonneville

Co-creation (2008)
Sofia Arriscado
Joana Craveiro
Joana Linda
Rita Só
Cláudia Varejão
Sara Vaz

Co-creation (2018)
Isadora Alves
Joana Craveiro
Isabela Figueiredo
Maria Gil
Carlota Lagido
Joana Linda
Mariana Sá Nogueira
Rita Só
Cláudia Varejão
Sara Vaz

Video editing
Sofia Arriscado (2008)
Joana Linda (2018)

Cristina Correia
Vanda Cerejo | Teatro do Silêncio

Festival FITEI
Festival Temps d’Images

O Teatro do Silêncio is supported by The Directorate-General for the Arts/Government of Portugal.

Miguel Bonneville

Miguel Bonneville, Porto, 1985. Introduces us to autobiographical histories centered on the deconstruction and reconstruction of identity through performances, drawings, photographs, video, music and artists´ books.
Since 2003, he has shown his work in art galleries and national and international festivals, particularly the serial projects 'Family Project', 'Miguel Bonneville’ and ‘A Importância de Ser’.
He completed courses in ‘Acting’ at the Academia Contemporânea do Show (2000-2003), ‘Visual Arts Visuais’ at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2006), ‘Autobiographies, Life Stories and Artists´ Lives´ at CIES-ISCTE (2008), ‘Archive – Organization and Maintenance’ at Citeforma (2013), ‘Sewing Ideas’ at Magestil (2013), and ‘Cyborgs, Sex and Society’ at FCSH (2016).
He belonged to the core of artists of the contemporary dance production Eira (2004-2006) and to Galeria 3+1 Arte Contemporânea (2009-2013). He was awarded the Ex Aequo Award (2015) for his performances of ‘Medo e Feminismos’, in collaboration with Maria Gil, and ‘A Importância de Ser Simone de Beauvoir’.
He was a resident artist at Sítio das Artes, CAMJAP - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, 2007), Homesession (Barcelona, 2008), Mugatxoan - Serralves Foundation (Porto, 2010), Transeuropa2012 Festival (Hildesheim, 2012), Arts Printing House (Vilnius, 2013), Arte y Desarrollo (Madrid, 2014), and La Box (Bourges, 2018), among others.
He sporadically lectures on authorial performance composition within different national and international structures.
MB#6 (2008)
Miguel Bonneville
9.30 pm, CAL
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€
MB#6 (2018)
Miguel Bonneville
6.30 pm, CAL
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€