OPEN CALL - Applications accepted between the 24th of September and the 12th of November, 2018

One can say that the base image that makes up a loop – whether narrative or abstract, linear or deconstructed, short or feature length – is, by definition, like an island. A star. An isolated piece.

But the magic of the loop´s language, this historical starting point in cinema and video art, lies precisely in its name; its own device; its own existence as a tool. The loop turns the island into an archipelago; the star into a constellation.

Such a transformation may involve artistic choices and previous processes: planning. Convergence. Scenic and performative efforts. Vertical rigor. Or current ones: rawness. Tone. Spontaneity. Moment. Still life. Or posthumous ones: cut-ups. Montages. Processing. Condensing. Manipulation of space and time. Exquisite corpses.

These different dimensions may be deeply connected. Or not. A loop is a loop is a loop.

Taking the departure point as the point of return, everything must be possible. It is this whole that LOOPS.LISBOA is seeking with this Open Call.

We welcome Portuguese artists, as well as foreigners residing in Portugal, to LOOPS.LISBOA and to Temps d´Images Lisboa ,2018.


Target creatives:
Citizens residing in Portugal or abroad and foreign artists residing in Portugal.

Total projects selected:
3 projects

Deadline to apply:
12th of November, 2018

Applicants interested in participating in LOOPS.LISBOA must fill out the form.
The fully completed form, as well as the supplementary material, must be submitted to the above-referenced page between the 24th of September and the 12th of November, 2018.
Any applications not submitted within the deadline will not be considered.

For any doubts or clarifications, please contact duplacena@duplacena.com

Jury and selection:
A jury, presided over by Emília Tavares (MNAC – Museu do Chiado) will award the LOOPS.LISBOA PRIZE.
A pre-selected jury, presided over by the visual artist Irit Batsry, will select the 3 finalists.
The selection of the competing videos as well as the awarding of the prize, will be the sole responsibility of TEMPS D’IMAGES LISBOA. Its decisions cannot be refuted or challenged as they are always and in all circumstances, final and definitive.
The jury retains the right to not award a prize if it determines there are no competing videos which exemplify the quality of, or are in conformity with, the requirements of this competition.

Communication of the results:
Will be done via e-mail after the 15th of November, 2018,as well as in the Temps d´Images Lisboa and MNAC - Museu do Chiado web pages.

2.000,00€ to the winning LOOPS.LISBOA project.
The selected projects will be shown at the Sala Polivalente at MNAC – MUSEU DO CHIADO.

Terms of participation:
Participation is open to all Portuguese artists residing in Portugal or abroad, and to foreign artists residing in Portugal.
Up to three applications maximum may be submitted by each artist or collective; however, they must be submitted separately.
In order for us to review and select the submitted videos, they must be stored on a web platform (blog, youtube, vimeo, etc.).
The respective link, as well as any password, if relevant, must be referenced on the application, in the appropriate fields.

The video entries:
a) may be by an individual or a collective;
b) must include a technical file with the following details: name of the artist or collective, title and duration of the work.

If a work is selected, the following information will be requested and is to be sent immediately:
a) the video in one of the following formats: MP4, H264, AVI or MOV for projecting;
b) the written dialogues in English and Portuguese (when applicable);
c) 2/3 stills from the video and a photo of the artist or collective.