António Torres & Sérgio Matias


  • António Torres
  • Sérgio Matias
  • 1st of December
  • 6.30 pm
  • 25’ (aprox.)
  • (followed by a conversation with the artists and Cláudia Galhós, Lígia Soares and Vera Mantero)
  • Free entry
  • (subject to room capacity)
  • M/12


And what is the practice that needs to be practiced in order to ensure that the political does not vanish form the world? Precisely that thing called freedom. The vanishing of the political thing from the world is the vanishing of the experience and practice of movement as freedom.
André Lepecki

With this piece, we are attempting, through the idea of the parallel and the construction of various symmetries and synchronicities, to find a meaningful body, a choreography of the possible, stemming from the meeting of two bodies with ample common energetic frequencies.

Geminis is an intersectional choreography in which, using as a point of departure the individual and biographical transversal multiplicities of two bodies, we seek oneness, analogies for a construction of a new body. Paradigms are developed for a body of today, a referential, imagetic, energetic body, which breathes in while building itself, through the meeting and possibility of infiltration in/of the other. Not as a projection, but as a contamination of common spaces.

Technical Specifications

Creation, interpretation and costumes
António Torres
Sérgio Diogo Matias

Lighting design and operation
Sara Garrinhas

Mestre André

Text and documentation
Telma João Santos

Photography and video
Miguel Bartolomeu

23 Milhas
Companhia Olga Roriz
Estúdios Victor Córdon

GDA Foundation
Temps d´Images

António Torres

ANTÓNIO TORRES, Lisbon, 1987. Holds a Bachelor degree from the Higher School of Dance (2014), in the Performating Arts from ESTAL (2009) and attended the Vienna Conservatory as an Erasmus student (2014). He appeared in FALL by Victor Hugo Pontes (2014) and CLOUDS AFTER CRANACH by Esther Balfe (William Forsythe Co.), and in 2015, he performed THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY by Maurícia Neves (CCB) and ETERNURIDADE by Amélia Bentes. The same year, he co-created OUTRO EM MIM QUE EU INGORO (2015) with Ana Jezabel, and A IMPORTÂNCIA DE SER desNECESSÁRIO (2017). He also participated in A SLOW DANCE WITHOUT NAME (2016) by Jacopo Miliani, as a performer, and created an untitled solo for the project Campos da Dança at the Todos’16 Festival, and ENCARNADO em 2017, at the invitation of Madalena Victorino. He collaborated with Rui Horta on the opening of the Robert Schad exhibition, and performs WE ARE NOT SO PRETENTIOUS, a co-creation with Bárbara Carlos and Maurícia | Neves (2017). In 2018 he collaborated with Lígia Soares, on the play CUORE and is in the creative process of his first solo SWAN FAKE. Other highlights are ANJOS NO CABELO DO DIABO, staged by Miguel Borges and TÚMULO DE CÃES by Dinarte Branco. Throughout his journey, he has done workshops with Alain Platel, Hoffesh Shechter, Jonathan Burrows, Doris Uhlich, Tânia Carvalho, Esther Balfe, Madalena Victorino, João Fiadeiro, Catarina Câmara, Peter M. Dietz, Tamara Cubas, Vera Mantero and Marlene M. Freitas, among others.

Sérgio Diogo Matias

SÉRGIO DIOGO MATIAS, Lisbon, 1985. Began his studies in the fine arts 2008 and in 2010 enters the Bachelor program in Interpretation/Creation of the Higher School of Dance –Politechnic Institute of Lisbon. In the final year of his Bachelor degree he attends ArteZ Hogeeschool in Arnhem as the recipient of an Erasmus program grant and, in 2013/ 2014 he studies at Fórum Dança, PEPCC. As a performer, some highlights include collaborations with Amélia Bentes, Miguel Pereira and the Contemporary Ballet of the North. In 2014 he co-creates PASTICHE in collaboration with Luiz Antunes, a project financed by the grant program supporting dance creation by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In Abril of 2017, performs on the Palcos Instáveis stage a collaboration with Filipe Moreira, CASULA, and performs in “EQUANIMIDADE” by Vânia Rovisco, for the Walk&Talk Festival. Another highlight is his latest work MASS|MESS, which opened at the Paralelo Festival in the Azores. He currently collaborates with the Cultural Association - Vaca Magra, and performs in the play “VIOLÊNCIA DAS COISAS INSENSÍVEIS” by Nuno Labau, taking place at the 19th International Platform of Dance Festival in Almada). He presented his solo piece INSÓLIDO, which originated during the Forum Dança, PEPCC course, and was curated by Ezequiel Santos at the Cartografias Festival. In 2018, besides continuing his work as a performer, specifically with Tânia Carvalho reprising the piece ICHOSAEDRON for the commemoration of her 20 years as a choreographer, as well as with Clara Andermatt on the project “Lisbon under stars” at the invitation of OCUBO, a videomapping project. He presents MASS|MESS in Lisbon, at Rua das Gaivotas 6, and the piece Insólido at Curtas de Dança of the A22, in the context of the DDD festival, Porto.
Work in progress
António Torres & Sérgio Matias
6.30 pm, Space Alkantara
Free Entry