Ensaios para Livro-Caracter #1 da Imagem

Marco Balesteros & Sara Vaz


  • Marco Balesteros
  • Sara Vaz
  • 3rd of November
  • 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm
  • (entrances at 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm)


ESSAYS FOR A BOOK—CARACTER appears as research in the form of 5 Essays: #1 On Image, #2 On Sound, #3 On the Body, #4 On the Text or On the Narrator, #5 On Light, and is based on the wordplay and double meaning contained in the word “caracter” (character). If, on the one hand, character is a typographical symbol, the nuclear and indivisible element in writing, as in a letter, a number, or a punctuation symbol, on the other hand, if we look at the Greek origins—KHARAKTER, we find a metaphorical definition of “sign, impression or symbol in the soul”. This Essay will address the Image as character (caracter) assuming two distinct forms: a scenic form and an editorial form—artists´ book. The construction of the scenic character will feed the construction of the character-book and vice-versa. Stage and book understood as places of Essay and provisional writing.

Technical Specifications

Artistic Director, choreographer and actor
Sara Vaz

Artistic Director, editing and actor
Marco Balesteros

Horta Seca Cultural Association/ Temps d’Images Lisbon

Additional Team
Diogo Alvim (#2 Som)
Tiago Barbosa (#4 Do Texto ou Do Narrador)

Residencies/presentation venues
Palácio Pancas Palha (#1 Da Imagem)
Polo Cultural Gaivotas I Boavista (#2 Do Som)
Rua das Gaivotas 6 (#2 Do Som)
Atelier Real (#3 Do Corpo)
Devir/Capa (#4 Do Texto ou Do Narrador)
Estúdios Victor Cordon (#4 Do Texto ou Do Narrador)
ZDB (#5 Da Luz)

Companhia Olga Roriz
Lina Duarte
Alexandre Coelho

Marco Balesteros

Graphic Designer, founder of the Letra studio. Invited Adjunct Professor at ESAD-IPL and Professor and Coordinator of the Bachelor in Design—DELLI at Lusófuna University, Lisbon. Has a Masters in Design and Typography from Werkplaats ArtEZ Institute of Arts—NL. Letra studio accommodates a diverse spectrum of formats—books, exhibitions, installations, type, textile design, product design. Along with his studio work, MB develops editorial and educational projects around the notions of self-publication Education through Art.

Sara Vaz

SARA VAZ, Lisbon, 1979. Trained at the Lisbon Dance Conservatory, École de Danse de Genève and Ex.er.ce-CCN of Montpellier. She has a Bachelor degree in Theater from ESTC. As an actor, she has collaborated with Francisco Camacho, Carlota Lagido, David Miguel, Tânia Carvalho, Miguel Pereira, Jean Paul Bucchieri, Mónica Calle, Nuno M. Cardoso, José Nascimento, JoãoBotelho, Anne Monfort. Since 2005, she has collaborated with the Spanish choreographer Olga Mesa. As a creator, she develops interdisciplinary work incorporating dance, theater and video. She lectures on the Body in the Theater course at ESAD and ACT.
Research / Public Presentation
Ensaios para Livro-Caracter #1 da Image
Marco Balesteros & Sara Vaz
3.00 pm, Palácio Pancas Palha
Free entry (subject to room capacity)