De Perto, Uma Pedra

Carolina Campos, João Fiadeiro & Leonardo Mouramateus


  • Carolina Campos
  • João Fiadeiro
  • Leonardo Mouramateus
  • 17th and 18th of November
  • 4.30 pm
  • 90’ (aprox.)
  • Normal: 8,00€
  • Discounted: 5,00€
  • (over 65, under 30 and professional artists/performers)
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  • M/6


"De perto, uma pedra" (“From close up, a stone”) completes the phrase that might have been written by Bruno Munari after "From afar it was an island", the title of a book that he wrote for children, and that João Fiadeiro "borrowed" to name the show he opened at the DDD18 Festival in Porto (based on a commission by the Alkantara Festival).
This movement of re-visiting, in an “in situ”, environment, work originally designed for the stage, is an increasingly recurring practice in João Fiadeiro´s journey. To retake and reassemble the same material, but “unplugged”, freeing it form the tyrrany of the narrative, which the theatrical apparatus requires, is a necessecity that has become “vital” in his relatonship with the objects and artifacts he produces. His objective is also to enable the public to experience an immersion and envelopment which the condition of “spectator” does not support but which the condition of “visitor” allows. As if, in order to eliminate the expectation of the spectator (and activate a perception at the level of the sensorial and the sensitive), it was necessary to remove him form the “assigned place” (fixed, immovable and inert) which the audience normally occupies.
What we propose with "De perto, uma pedra" is exactly what the phrase suggests: to allow the spectator/visitor to look up close (and within) a work that was originally designed to be seen from afar (and from outside). In order to then extract, from the island, a stone. That stone is no more nor less precious than the island from which it was removed. It is not part of a whole. It is a whole. Therefore, it doesn´t aim to explain, justify or illustrate the island-work. It simply aims to reaffirm (as Munari suggests) that all things are what they are (or what they become) depending on the perspective and scale in which we experience them.
"De perto, uma pedra" is also motivated by the desire for complimenting the process (the act of "breaking stone") as a territory with its own right, and which contains, within the figure of the "conference-performance" a just platform for its manifestation.

Technical Specifications

João Fiadeiro

João Fiadeiro
Leonardo Mouramateus
Carolina Campos

Performance and co-created by
Carolina Campos
Adaline Anobile
Márcia Lança (replacing Nuno Lucas)
Iván Haidar
Julián Pacomio

Real time sound capture
João Bento

Leticia Skrycky

João Fiadeiro and team based on the scenic space of From afar it was an island by Nadia Lauro (scenography), Gabriela Forman (costumes) and Bruno Bogarim (props)

Sinara Suzin


Co-production (De perto, uma pedra)
Temps d’Image/Duplacena
Atelier REAL

Co-production (From afar it was an island)
Festival DDD
Teatro Viriato
Teatro Avenida
Centre National de la Danse

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Polo Cultural Gaivotas

“From afar it was an island” was financed by
DGArtes–Direção-Geral das Artes

Carolina Campos

Carolina is Brazilian and currently lives in Lisbon. She has a Bachelor in Communication and a Post-graduate degree in Photography. She began working with dance in 1998 at the Caxias do Sul Municipal Co., in Rio Grande do Sul, and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2007, where she was a ballerina at the Lia Rodrigues Dance Co. until 2011. She is especially interested in being involved with different modes of collaboration and in understanding how these processes influence artistic objects. In this sense, she has collaborated and develops experiences with national and foreign artists, of which, she highlights Cláudia Dias (PT), Calixto Neto (BR), Ivan Haidar (AR), Sezen Tongus (TUR), Julia Salaroli (BR) and Coletivo Qualquer (ES/ BR). Since 2012, she has been collaborating with João Fiadeiro on several plataforms that he is developing, from training and research on Composition in Real Time, to the programming for Atelier Real, to choreography. She is a performer and co-creator of the latest piece by the choreographer “O Que Fazer Daqui Para Trás”. She currently works as an assistant and director on the piece “O Limpo e o Sujo” by Vera Mantero.

João Fiadeiro

JOÃO FIADEIRO, 1965. Choreographer, researcher and educator, who belongs to the generation of artists that emerged at the end of the 80s and who started the Nova Dança Portuguesa. In 1990, he founded the RE.AL Company, responsible for the creation and diffusion of his shows. He frequently accompanies, as a tutor, emerging artists, while at the same time hosting, within the context of the Atelier Real transdisciplinary events. Composition in Real Time is maintained as a tool and theoretical-practical platform which investigates the decision, representation and collaboration in both artistic creation and scientific research. This research has led him to guide workshops in Masters and Doctoral programs at Portuguese and international universities. He is currently working on his doctorate in Contemporary Art at the College of Arts in Coimbra.

Leonardo Mouramateus

LEONARDO MOURAMATEUS, Fortaleza, 1991. Director and screenwriter. Holds a Masters in Multi-media Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University Lisbon, and has been working since 2010 in permanent contact with the performative and dramaturgical arts in dance, while also directing films which have been exhibited at festivals around the world. For “Mauro em Caiena” (2012), he was awarded the prize for best short film at the 35th Cinéma du Reél, in Paris, and at the 11th Doclisboa. His documentary “A Festa e os Cães” (2015), had its world premiere at the 37th Cinéma du Réel – winning the French festival for the second time. “História de uma pena” (2015), premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, and won at the 48th Brasília Festival. “António Um Dois Três” (2017), a luso-brazilian production is his first feature and opened at the Rotterdam Film.
De perto, Uma Pedra (Conference-Performance)
Carolina Campos, João Fiadeiro & Leonardo Mouramateus
4.30 pm, MAAT - Sala dos Geradores
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€
De perto, Uma Pedra (Conference-Performance)
Carolina Campos, João Fiadeiro & Leonardo Mouramateus
4.30 pm, MAAT - Sala dos Geradores
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€