André Tasso, Bruno Humberto & João Ferro Martins


  • André Tasso
  • Bruno Humberto
  • João Ferro Martins
  • 29th of November
  • 11.00 pm
  • 60’ (aprox.)
  • Free Entry


For this event, the Catarata project tackles the photographic essays of João Ferro Martins, included in the publication A Morte nos Olhos, in order to traverse the sound environments and landscapes that these images suggest.

Technical Specifications

André Tasso (electric guitar)
Bruno Humberto (synthesizers, drum machine)
João Ferro Martins (synthesizer, sampler)

Artes and Engenhos

The Directorate-General for the Arts/Government of Portugal
Almada City Council

Montemor-o-Novo City Council/Youth Center
Damas Bar

André Tasso

ANDRÉ TASSO, Lisbon, 1976. André is self-taught and explores, through the electric guitar, the sounds of different materials: wood, metal, fabric, brushes, etc. He is interested in the particulars of each material’s sound. What comes out of this exploration is, more or less, unpredictable. At times, it suggests a narrative, at others it is purely sound.

Bruno Humberto

BRUNO HUMBERTO, Peniche, 1981. Director, performer, composer and musician. He has collaborated with various artists, while developing his own work as a performer and creator in the site-specific field. He is a member and co-founder of the Orchestra Elastique. He has also participated in innumerable shows and festivals, in Theater and Performance, as well as in the area of improvisational music.

João Ferro Martins

JOÃO FERRO MARTINS, Santarém, 1979. His work is based in tridimensional composition, sound and music. He shows regularly within the Visual Arts circuit, while also working in the fields of Theater, Performance and Photography. In addition to innumerable individual exhibitions, he has also participated in multiple collectives. He is the co-founder, with Hugo Canoilas, of the collective A kills B.


CATARATA, Lisbon, 2018. A continuous piece that plummets from a certain height for the alloted time. A waterfall of sound in the form of a curtain, a collective and continuous flow created by the artists André Tasso, Bruno Humberto and João Ferro Martins. It can be heard by humans in places such as museums, festival stages and cinemas. It is not characterized as anthropocentric and, though it is manifested through the machine and within the vertigo of the metropolis, it absolutely wishes to celebrate and integrate all the resources and reflexes from the mountains to the sea, observing through listening: fauna and flora, mirroring the fragile human dimension in the face of the absurd dimenstion of the astros.
André Tasso, Bruno Humberto & João Ferro Martins
11.00 pm, DAMAS
Free Entry