Burn Time

André Uerba


  • André Uerba
  • 21st and 22nd of November
  • 9.30 pm
  • 120’
  • Show with two sections (60' each). During the second section the circulation is free.
  • Normal: 8,00€
  • Discounted: 5,00€
  • (over 65, under 30 and professional artists/performers)
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  • M/16


In André Uerba’s choreography, delicate threads are gradually set on fire one after the other and sometimes simultaneously, creating a space in slow motion constantly changing and fading.
In a time of perpetual wars between the present and future, the tempo decelerates, becoming quiet and calm.
“Burn Time” acknowledges the moments and dedicates itself to the here and now. The quietness of the room, the slow rising of the points of light reminiscent of the hovering of fireflies and the gentle movements of the performers slow the perception of time.

Technical Specifications

Concept and artistic direction
André Uerba

Dramaturgical assistance
Thomas Schaupp

Artistic assistance in Lisbon
Tiago Gandra

Augusto Amado
Bernardo de Almeida
Catarina Vieira
Djamilson Barreto
Marisa Bimbo
Mélanie Ferreira
Miguel Lopes
Silvana Ivaldi
Tiago Gandra
Yana Suslovets

Lighting design
André Uerba
Gretchen Blegen

André Uerba

Short Hope

Walk&Talk Açores
Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Senate Department for Culture and Europe (Berlin)

Residency support
O Space do Tempo (PT)
PACT Zollverein (DE)
Tanzfabrik (DE)
Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas (PT)
Glej Ljubljana (SI)

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Alejandro Karasik
Andrea Sozzi
Anna Posch
Ausland (Berlin)
Bárbara Carlos
Catarina Saraiva
Cathy Walsh
Chris Leuenberger
Clément Layes
Emily Jeffries
Jasna Layes Vinovrski
Juan Felipe Amaya
Jenny Beyer, Julia Rodriguez
Ligia Soares
Maddy White
Matthew Rogers
Marc P. Gabriel
Mauricia Neves
Olivia McGregor
Pia Kramer
Reza Mirabi
Rui Horta
Tiago Barbosa
Vasco Mosa

André Uerba

André Uerba develops both collaborative and solo works along the intersection of performance and visual arts. Berlin based since 2013, Uerba holds a Masters degree in Arts, “Solo/ Dance/ Authorship” at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK/ HZT), 2013-2015. He previously studied advanced photography at Ar.Co (Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, Lisbon), where he was a grant holder in 2010. Since 2011 Uerba has worked as artistic collaborator and group coordinator in the piece “Atlas”, a performance with 100 (local) people on stage, from Ana Borralho & João Galante. Uerba also worked among others with Alexandra Pirici, Antonija Livingstone, Carlota Lagido, Clement Layes, Christian Falsnaes, Felix Ruckert, Sandra Man / Moritz Majce, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Tino Sehgal and Willi Dorner. In 2011 he took part in “Encontros Rumo”, a laboratory mentored by Vera Mantero and Miguel Pereira and in 2013 he received the Centro Nacional de Cultura's (Portugal) Young Creator grant to develop the work “Terrarium”. Uerba has also participated in workshops and masterclasses mentored by Cláudia Dias, Frédéric Gies, Meg Stuart, Miguel Moreira, Ming Wong, André Lepecki, Vladimir Miller and Erwin Wurm.
Burn Time
André Uerba
9.30 pm, Teatro do Bairro
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€
Burn Time
André Uerba
9.30 pm, Teatro do Bairro
Normal Ticket: 8,00€; Discounted Ticket: 5,00€