ACÇÃO/DECISÃO – Film Catalogue From the exhibition with Arthomem, João Fiadeiro & Vânia Rovisco

Filipe Bessa Vieira, Joana Fernandes & Raquel Teixeira


  • Filipe Bessa Vieira
  • Joana Fernandes
  • Raquel Teixeira
  • 10th of November
  • 7.00 pm
  • with the presence of the artists
  • 60’ (aprox.)
  • Normal: 4,00€
  • Discounted: 3,50€
  • (over 65, under 30 and professional artists/performers)


This is not a film. Directed in close complicity with the artists invited to present their work in an exhibition in which “what is shown is what happens”, over the course of three weeks, this filmic catalogue shares the experience of inhabiting the museum during the action and the decision-making. Inside and outside of the museum, with Arthomem, in the real time of the performance, and in the deferred space of a streamed making of; backward and forward in the history of the performance, investigating its origins in Portugal, with Vânia Rovisco; questioning the body and the composition, the unpredictable happening that is taken for an inevitable gesture, with João Fiadeiro. It shows the synchronous happenings of the doings of the artist and the filmmaker, uniquely convened here for a group experience within the museum space.
Exhibition held at Centro Internacional de Arte José de Guimarães (CIAJG) between 24th of April and 13th of May

Technical Specifications

Raquel Teixeira
Joana Silva Fernandes
Filipe Bessa Vieira

Catalogue curator
Luciana Fina

Sound Capturing
Sérgio Carvalho
Vera Lopes

Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema/João Milagre
Restart/Elsa Oliveira


Filipe Bessa Vieira

FILIPE BESSA VIEIRA, Amarante, 1991.
Filipe Bessa Vieira was born and grew up in Vila Meã, Amarante. He abandoned his studies in Pharmceutical Science in order to take up a Bachelor degree in Cinema – the Image branch of the Lisbon Theatre and Film School, which he concluded in 2017. Since then, he has completed some national productions in cinema and TV series, mostly as production assistant. He currently lives in Lisbon.

Joana Fernandes

Joana has a Bachelor degree in Cinema (Image branch) from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. She was director of photography on the film "Onde o Verão Vai (Episódios da Juventude)", by David Pinheiro Vicente, which was selected for the 68th competition of the Berlin International Film Festival. She has mostly worked as assistant camera on national cinema productions.

Raquel da Costa Teixeira

Raquel da Costa Teixeira was born on the 6th of July, 1996 in Massarelos, Porto. She began her academic journey at the Soares dos Reis School of Arts, in Porto, where she specialized in Audiovisual Communication (Cinema - Video). In 2014, she moved to Lisbon, in order to pursue higher education in the area of Cinema, at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. There, she participated in several school projects, which were selected for festivals such as “Amor, Avenidas Novas” 2018 - IndieLisboa, National and International Competition (as Assistant Director), “Mestre” 2017 - IndieLisboa, Novíssimos Competition (as Director of Photography) and “Cativeiro” 2015 - Internacional Competition of the Leffest Schools of Cinema (as Director).
ACÇÃO/DECISÃO – Film catalogue from the exhibition with Arthomem, João Fiadeiro & Vânia Rovisco
Filipe Bessa Vieira, Joana Fernandes & Raquel Teixeira
7.00 pm, Cinema Ideal
Normal Ticket: 4,00€; Discounted Ticket: 3,50€
210 998 295