A Morte nos Olhos

Alexandre Pieroni Calado, João Ferro Martins & José Miranda Justo


  • Alexandre Pieroni Calado
  • João Ferro Martins
  • José Miranda Justo
  • 29th of November
  • 10.30 pm
  • 30’ (aprox.)
  • Free Entry


During this edition, we will publish a text by Alexandre Pieroni Calado elaborating on the theme of Perseus and Medusa, which accompanies the performance by the same name A Morte nos Olhos, and opened in November of 2018. The text, produced in a limited and numbered edition, also brings to life a photographic essay by João Ferro Martins, which highlights suburban architecture as heritage for those who have been marginalized. Last, but not least, this edition includes a written reflection by José Miranda Justo, developed from conversations the author had with the artistic team. The authors will be present at the launch of the book, and they will read from chosen passages and show a selection of images.

Technical Specifications

Alexandre Pieroni Calado
João Ferro Martins
José Miranda Justo

Artes and Engenhos

Senhora do Monte

The Directorate-General for the Arts/Government of Portugal
Almada City Council

Montemor-o-Novo City Council/Youth Center
Damas Bar

Direcção-Geral das Artes/Governo de Portugal

Alexandre Pieroni Calado

ALEXANDRE PIERONI CALADO, Lisbon, 1975. Alexandre is interested in contemporary dramaturgies, intermediality the effects of presence. In the last few years, he has directed Kaspar: Palavra Soprada (2017), Dramas de Princesas. A Morte e a Donzela I-V (2016), Woyzeck 1978, Quarteto (2013) and Pregação (2012), among others, and he has worked as an actor in theater and film. He founded and incorporated the Candonga cultural association, which has been vitalizing the Latoaria space since 2015, and also founded and incorporated Artes e Engenhos in 2000, where he is responsible for the programming and for creative and training projects.

João Ferro Martins

JOÃO FERRO MARTINS, Santarém, 1979. His work is based in tridimensional composition, sound and music. He shows regularly within the Visual Arts circuit, while also working in the fields of Theater, Performance and Photography. In addition to innumerable individual exhibitions, he has also participated in multiple collectives. He is the co-founder, with Hugo Canoilas, of the collective A kills B.

José Miranda Justo

JOSÉ MIRANDA JUSTO. Began his career at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Lisbon in 1976, working in German Linguistics. Gradually, he moved into the field of the History of the Philosophy of Language, studying authors within the German cultural space, obtaining a Doctorate in this area in 1990. Along the way, he has established connections between the Philosophy of Language and other areas, such as Hermeneutics, aesthetics, the Philosophy of Art, the Philosophy of History and, in particular, the Philosophy of Knowledge. He is a retired Associate Professor of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Lisbon and is a member of the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon since its founding. As a researcher for this Centre, he has had the opportunity to coordinate three research projects, and of collaborating on several initiatives sponsored by them. Thanks to this Centre´s resources, he was able to expand his interest in the work of S. Kierkegaard, on which he has worked from various angles. He has published numerous works, and frequently participates in national and international events in the above-mentioned areas, especially in the field of the Philosophy of Art, and of Hamannian, Kierkegaardian and Deleuzian studies.
Book Launch
A Morte nos Olhos
Alexandre Calado, João Martins & José Justo
10.30 pm, DAMAS
Free Entry